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Guided meditations with Cindy Aulby 

Guided Meditations for Wisdom and Healing

Recorded in 2010, these 4 meditations offer a toolkit for working with yourself, whether to simply relax and let go, or to access the knowing of your deep self, or to address triggers and wounds from the past.

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The Wisdom Journey guided meditation

The Wisdom Journey

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How often in hindsight do you wish you'd known better before you acted, reacted, spoke, or made decisions?

Have you racked your brains trying to work things out, and ended up being confused and incapable of acting wisely?

Are there times when other people's behaviour or actions bewilder you, when you just don't understand where others are coming from?

These are some of the times when you require a kind of knowing that you cannot access by thinking about it.

The Wisdom Journey will guide your access to that information.


Beyond the Past guided meditation

Beyond the Past

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How do you "Just get over it!"?

We all experience painful and challenging times in our lives. In processing these events, we develop the tools we need as adults to live well to open heartfully.

We are a bit like computers, downloading programs, as and when we need them, to deal with the specific environment we find ourselves in. These programs remain intact, often unconsciously. They continue to inform who we are and how we experience the world. Life has a beautiful knack of ensuring that we regularly revisit these programs - it is life's way of inviting healing. Events, people, places, music and smells will trigger old feelings and old wounds, pointing us constantly in the direction of what requires resolution. When triggers happen, this meditation will guide you in to the original program, and here it offers simple healing of the distortions, blockages and inhibitions that past woundings have put in place.

Where previously we have been re-active, re-enacting the old stories, we become able to respond, response-able, for our own feelings and our selves.

This meditation process offers simple and practical pathways towards self love, self respect and compassion.


Relax guided meditation

Relax and Let Yourself Go

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The busy-ness of modern life seems to be continually increasing, as are our levels of stress and anxiety. We are forgetting how to rest. Culturally we deny our need to rest, so much that it's seen as a weakness to recognise that we're tired and to stop. Few of us allow time in our days to simply be, to drop by the wayside for a moment and let it go.


Videos from 2011 to 2019

Journey to the Heart YouTube videos

Have a look at short films recorded over the years, talking about the Breath and accessing the deep intelligence of the body.  These are short interviews on why we struggle, what's happening when our buttons are being pressed, on relationship issues, depression, addiction and more. 

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