"Anyone working with people benefits greatly from professional supervision - it prevents burn out and ultimately improves patient care and self care. After attending Balint groups, medical supervisions, group supervisions and psychological supervisions I have found my home with Cindy. 

I would highly recommend Cindy Aulby for professional supervision. She brings a depth of knowledge and understanding paired with a gentle guidance to experience insights into transference and countertransference but also deep personal insights which would not come to light in the usual supervision setting."  - Dr Antje Sharman, GP

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"Supervision with Cindy is essential to my continuing development as a practitioner. When we meet, her advice and reflections draw on her 25+ years of experience and that feels very reassuring for me. It means I am sharing my concerns and questions and getting really solid practical advice and a long-range perspective. 

Whether it's help with how best to support my clients, how to manage my own internal resources or how to make my business thrive, she is there."  Ninna Millikin, Body Centred Counselling and Breathwork
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"After nearly 10 years of teaching different kinds of breathwork, it is no longer a surprise to me that a good therapist needs constant work, as a house requires cleaning. For me, taking supervision is taking this step to “clean my house”  so I can then support others in a clean environment. In my journey of teaching breathwork in the private sector, but mostly in the psych ward of a hospital, I found myself “carrying” things from work into home, or things from home which affected my work. 

The supervision with Cindy is helping me to see things more clearly (or from another angle), to process them and learn how to implement the new discoveries in work or in the day to day life. I find that the work with Cindy is important both for my personal and professional development and I highly recommend it. 

Her understanding, huge compassion and persistence helps me again and again to deepen (even when it's unpleasant),  explore (and often resolve), feel better and increase my performance."  Gilad Shavit, BREATHERS body mind Psychotherapy

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