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  About me, my work with people and my artmaking

  My professional calling

In the process of my own healing journey, I developed a deep love and curiosity for human-ness - how we process our worlds, how we heal from trauma, how we gradually become more and more true to ourselves. 

I was drawn to studying and working with others to share what I experienced. I've now operated a successful practice and business as a Breathwork Practitioner, Group Facilitator and Practitioner Trainer for nearly three decades. As I've become more familiar with the Breath and with the remarkable human capacity to heal, I've developed a Body Centred Counselling approach, tapping into the vast intelligence of the body and it's constant talking to us about what needs to happen. 

I'm a professional member of the Australian Breathwork Association (ABA), and have been an ongoing contributor to the ABA's work, as President, committee member or volunteer. As an ABA endorsed Trainer, I am endorsed as a supervisor for professional members of the Australian Breathwork Association. 

I offer a wealth of experience in supervising and mentoring students and professionals in Breathwork, Bodywork, and different modalities of healing work. I've mentored, coached and supported the work worlds of medical practitioners, social workers and counsellors, and with professionals in leadership and management roles.

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My creative calling

Making art has always nourished me and been part of my life in one way or another. While following the professional path over the last years, this internal calling has only just been quieted by brochure making, prospectus design and promotional material! Since the professional drive has slowed, art making has sped up, as has my love for vegetable gardening, and that for walking in the local bushland 

My Training

I graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tasmania in 2001 whilst parenting two young children. This wonderful foray into making art was accompanied by training personally and professionally in the arts of healing.

A significant part of my professional training was undertaken through the Centre for Human Transformation in Victoria (Australia), with Shivam Rachana and Deva Daricha. During more than ten years of training and apprenticeship with the Centre, I trained intensively in Breathwork and Cellular Memory Release, Women's Mysteries, and Tantra (studies in human connection and sexuality).

Other studies have included Individual and Relationship Counselling, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Working with Drug Addiction, Professional Supervision, Studies in Peak States of Consciousness, Workplace Training and Assessment, and Mental Health First Aid.

By far the biggest and most profound learning has come from the many many courageous humans who have allowed me to witness and accompany their times of deep internal work, their journeys with families and relationships, their losses and loves and work and passions, their light and their darkness ... their magnificent and mysterious Journeys to the Heart.

My map of human-ness has expanded with every single human experience in every single session 

My work

Inspired by my hundreds of  hours of processing in groups and circles, I began working as a group facilitator in the late 1990s, with weekly women's circles and regular weekend workshops. That led quickly to working as a one-on-one practitioner and with couples.

I've been guided by an ever increasing passion for and a deep curiosity about human-ness. I've learned how we develop, how we process our experience, and how we heal through many thousands of people's stories.

My practice developed into a full time vocation, and from 2014 included developing a professional training program and teaching practitioners in Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling.

In late 2020 I took sabbatical leave from training, from the one-to-one, couples work and group work. My excitement and inspiration for it all led to a burnout which continues to offer that most excellent hindsight into how not to burn out! Thank goodness for the restorative nature of resting, art making and gardening. 

I now offer personal sessions one day a week at Hobart Breathing Space, and bring my professional and personal experience and my passion to supporting other practitioners. I offer you emotional, professional and practical attention. This allows you to maintain professional standards and requirements. It also provides a foundation of care within the wilds of working with others.

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I Acknowledge the muwinina people, the original owners of the land on which I live and work, and I pay my respects to the elders, past, present and emerging.